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List of animals that start with R

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Photo of a rabbit
Photo by Joshua Davis

The rabbit is a small animal found in many parts of the world. In Australia, rabbits are the single worst introduced pest. Rabbits make good pets, if they are properly looked after.

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Photo of a raccoon
Photo by Neil McIntosh
Scientific name: procyon lotor

A raccoon is a medium sized animal native to North America, although they have been spread to Europe by people. They prefer to live in forests. Raccoons like to sleep during the day and hunt at night. They eat insects, plants and small animals. A baby raccoon is called a kit.

Photo of a rainbow lorikeet.
Photo by Louise Docker
Scientific name: trichoglossus haematodus

Rainbow lorikeets are a type of parrot found in Australia, mainly on the east coast but also in parts of South Australia and Tasmania. Rainbow lorikeets eat fruit, pollen and nectar.

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Photo of a ram.
Photo by Kjell Olsen

A ram is a male sheep.

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Photo of a rat
Photo by Reg Mckenna
Scientific name: genus: rattus

Rats are like large mice. They often live near people, scavenging food scraps in rubbish tips or stored food in houses. Rats are pests and most people try and get rid of rats if they can.
Rats can also kept as pets. Pet rats tend to be white or multicoloured, and wild rats tend to be plain brown or grey.

Photo of a rattlesnake.
Photo by Mike Baird
Scientific name: subfamily: crotalinae

Rattlesnakes cause most snake bite injuries and deaths in America. They are a threatened species now because people kill so many of them.
Rattlesnakes scare off predators by rattling their tails. The rattling sound is made by special scales at the end of the rattlesnake's tail.

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Photo of a raven
Photo by Keven Law
Scientific name: corvus corax

A raven is a black bird in the same family as crows and magpies. They are one of the largest members of the crow family.

Photo of a red panda
Photo by Neil McIntosh
Scientific name: ailurus fulgens

The red panda is a small animal, not much larger than a cat, that eats bamboo. It is not related to the giant panda but is in fact more closely related to weasels.

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Photo of some reindeer
Photo by M.Prinke
Scientific name: rangifer tarandus

Reindeer, also known as caribou, are a kind of deer that can be used for pulling sleds. Traditionally, Santa Claus' sled is pulled by flying reindeer.

Scientific name: family: rhinocerotidae

Rhinoceros (or rhino for short) are a very large animal found in Africa, the Middle East and southern Asia. They have one or two horns in the middle of their head. They have very thick skin, and can live to be 50 years old. A male rhino is called a bull, a female rhino is called a cow and a baby rhino is called a calf.

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