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Animals starting with Z

Animals that start with Z

Just here looking for animals? Reptiles, birds, farmyard to jungle and more.

Zis forZebra

Zebras are a relative of the horse, and they live in Africa. They travel around in large groups called herds. All zebras are black and white striped.

Zis forZebu

Scientific name: bos primigenius indicus
A zebu is a type of cow that has a big hump on its shoulders. They are better suited to hot climates than other kinds of domestic cattle.
Photo of a statue of zeus

Zis forZeus

Zeus was the leader of the Gods in ancient Greek mythology.
Photo of a zombie

Zis forZombie

A zombie, or living dead, is a dead body that can move around because of some form of magic. Zombies are typically very unfriendly and want to go around killing and eating people, particularly their brains. Zombies are frequently seen in horror movies and computer games.