Photo of an owl.

Types of birds

Birds in all shapes, colors and sizes. Birds that fly, birds that walk, birds that chirp, birds that talk.

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Photo of a crane
Photo by Gidzy
Scientific name: family: gruidae

Cranes are tall, graceful birds with long necks and long legs. They usually live near water, and build their nests on floating platforms. Cranes can live for several decades.
There are many different kinds of crane, and they are found all over the world except Antarctica. Cranes are often the subject of origami sculptures.

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Photo of a crow
Photo by Wolfpix
Scientific name: genus: corvus

Crows are a medium sized pure black bird related to the magpie. They are very intelligent, but are not usually kept as pets. They eat dead animals they find, and insects.

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Photo of white doves
Photo by Keven Law
Scientific name: family: columbidae

Doves and pigeons are very closely related. The word 'dove' is usually used for smaller, paler varieties of pigeon. The classic dove is white.

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A duck is a kind of small to medium water bird, related to the much larger goose and swan. Ducks can be found around water all over the world, in rivers, ponds and even the sea. Ducks eat water plants, small fish and snails. A male duck is called a drake and a baby duck is called a duckling.

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Photo of an eagle
Photo by Just chaos
Scientific name: family: accipitridae

Eagles are large birds of prey with strong, hooked beaks. They usually hunt small animals and other birds. There are a huge variety of eagles, and they are found all over the world.

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Photo of an egret.
Photo by Koshy koshy

An egret is a white heron. There are several different kinds of egret, all of them are white or pale.

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Photo of an emu
Photo by Blathlean
Scientific name: dromaius novaehollandiae

Emus are a large flightless bird that lives in Australia. It is the second-largest bird, after the ostrich. They eat insects and some plants.
Emus lay very large, speckly blue eggs with hard shells. The male emu looks after the eggs and babies.

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Photo of a finch
Photo by Paul Stein

Finches are small, seed-eating songbirds. They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns, and can be found all over the world. Many finches are very pretty and make good pets.

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A flamingo is a pink wading bird. They eat shrimp that is in the water by filtering it through their beak. Their pink colouring comes from the food they eat.

Photo of fledgeling birds
Photo by Geert Orye

A fledgeling (also spelt fledgling) bird is one that has just grown its adult feathers and is ready to learn to fly.
Someone who is just starting out doing something can also be called a fledgeling, or a novice.

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