Photo of a pink car.

List of colors

The colors of the rainbow, and a few that aren't in the rainbow to balance things out.

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Scientific name: Au

Gold is a heavy, soft, yellow metal that is easy to work with. It is the softest metal, and is very dense, much denser than lead.
Gold is very stable and is used to coat other more reactive metals to protect them, but its primary use is in jewelery. Pure gold is too soft to make jewelery out of, and is usually mixed with silver, copper and other metals.

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Photo of a sunrise gradient
Photo by Stephen Heron

A gradient is a smooth transition between one color and another. The picture shows a gradient from blue to orange in a dawn sky.

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Photo of a green frog
Photo by Claus Rebler

Green is the colour of the leaves on most plants. The colour green can be made by mixing blue and yellow paint. The frog in the picture is green.

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Photo of a grey cat
Photo by Sarah Jones

Grey (also spelt gray) is the colour of weathered rocks and concrete paths. The colour grey can be made by mixing black and white paint. The cat in the picture is grey.

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Photo of a bucket of indigo dye
Photo by putneymark

Indigo is a purple-blue color that was originally made from the indigo plant.
Many types of jeans are dyed indigo.

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Something is khaki if it is a dull greenish brown. It is frequently used as a color for uniforms, particularly in the military.

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Photo of lavende
Photo by VeloBusDriver
Scientific name: genus: lavandula

Lavender is a small bush with greyish leaves and pale purple flowers. Lavender is also the name for the color of the lavender flowers.
Lavender flowers smell very nice and still smell nice when they are dried, so they are often used in potpourri.

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Photo of lilac flowers
Photo by Linda N
Scientific name: genus: syringa

Lilacs are a group of flowering plants in the olive family. Most of them have pretty, light purple flowers. They are popular garden plants.

Photo of a blue house
Photo by J Neuberger

Something is monochrome if it is made up of shades of the same color.

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Photo of orange fruit
Photo by Kyle McDonald
Scientific name: citrus sinensis

An orange is the name for both a colour and a citrus fruit. Oranges are similar to lemons but are very sweet and can be eaten raw, squeezed to make juice, and can be made into marmalade. The colour orange can be made by mixing red and yellow paint.

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