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Photo of a yak

Words that rhyme with -ack

List of words that end with a "ack " sound

Bis forBack

Your back is the part of your body that is behind you, between your bottom and your neck. The bone running down the centre of your back is called your spine.
Photo of someone wearing a backpack

Bis forBackpack

A backpack is a type of bag that is designed to be worn on your back. Backpacks have two straps that go over your shoulders, and sometimes an extra strap that goes around your waist.
Photo of a black swan.

Bis forBlack

Black is the colour of the night sky or the deepest, darkest shadow. The swan in the picture is black.

Cis forCrack

A crack is a long, thin break in something. Cracks are usually found in something big and hard, like a wall or a concrete building.
Photo of a car jack
A jack is a device for lifting heavy objects off the ground by pushing them up from underneath. Jacks are used to raise things a short distance only. They are commonly used to lift one corner of a car off the ground while you change a tyre. Jack is also a variation of the name John.
Photo of some knick knacks
A knick knack is another name for an ornament or trinket. For example, "look at all the knick-knacks she has on her shelf".
Photo of lilac flowers

Lis forLilac

Scientific name: genus: syringa
Lilacs are a group of flowering plants in the olive family. Most of them have pretty, light purple flowers. They are popular garden plants.
Photo of the Australian outback

Ois forOutback

The outback is a name commonly given to the arid interior of Australia.
Photo of a pack of dogs

Pis forPack

A group of dogs is called a pack. Packing is also a word for filling something with something else.

Pis forPacking

You pack a suitcase when you go away on vacation. Packing something means putting things inside it until it is full. You can pack a suitcase, boxes or even pack a wardrobe full of things.