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Photo of a bowl of curry

Words that rhyme with -urry

List of words that end with a "urry " sound

Photo of a curry

Cis forCurry

Curry is a word used to describe a very large range of spicy Asian dishes. They may have meat in them or be vegetarian. Curries are usually eaten with rice.
Photo of a man running for the train

His forHurry

You hurry when you move faster than usual so you can get to something quicker. People often hurry when they are running late.
Photo of an injured finger

Iis forInjury

An injury is damage done to a living thing. Injuries can range from a small scratch or bruise to a broken bone.
An observatory is a building that is made as a place to watch the stars and planets. Observatories are dome-shaped and are usually built on top of high mountains so there is less air between them and space.
Savory bacon.

Sis forSavory

Savory is a flavor category that includes spicy and salty foods. Another word for savory is umami. Bacon has a savory flavor.

Sis forScurry

A group of squirrels is called a scurry or a squad.
Photo of a girl looking sorry

Sis forSorry

You are sorry when you have done something that makes you feel bad. You say you are sorry by apologising.
Photo of a worried woman

Wis forWorry

You are worried about something when you are thinking about it a lot, and it is keeping you from being happy. People can be worried about money, or a job interview, or how they have gone in an exam they just took.