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Photo of mango fruit

Fruit that starts with M

Sweet fruit (and a vegetable or two!) from all around the world.
Photo of mandarin fruit

Mis forMandarin

Scientific name: citrus reticulata
A mandarin is a small citrus fruit related to the orange. The skin on a mandarin is very easy to remove, and the inside of the fruit is very easy to break up into segments. Because of this, they are not very messy to eat and are excellent to take to school in a lunchbox.
Photo of mango fruit

Mis forMango

Scientific name: mangifera indica
Mangoes are a medium sized, sweet fruit native to India. Mangoes grow on a tree in tropical areas. Mango trees can live to be 300 years old. Mangoes are soft, and have bright orange flesh. Mangoes can be eaten fresh, dried, in salads and pulped for juice. Mangoes can also be picked underripe and used to make chutney or other dishes.

Mis forMulberry

Scientific name: genus: morus
Mulberries are a small deciduous tree that likes temperate to tropical climates. Most varieties have black fruit that is red when it is underripe, but some have white fruit that is green when it isn't ripe yet. Mulberries can be eaten fresh or used to make jam or pies. Black mulberries are the only plant that the silkworm eats.