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Photo of a raspberry bush

Fruit that starts with R

Sweet fruit (and a vegetable or two!) from all around the world.
Photo of a raspberry bush
Scientific name: rubus idaeobatus
Raspberries are the fruit of a very vigorous deciduous thorny bush related to blackberries, roses and strawberries. Raspberries can spread by sending out roots a long way under the ground that then sprout new plants. Raspberries can take over your backyard if you don't keep them pruned. Raspberries can be eaten fresh, made into juice, or cooked into pies. Raspberries are very good for you.
Scientific name: ribes rubrum
Redcurrants are a small berry related to gooseberries that are from Europe. They are quite sour and are only used for making jams and other cooked food. A paler, less sour type of redcurrant is called the whitecurrant.