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Jobs that start with A

Jobs that start with A

When I grow up, I want to be ... This category also includes some things that aren't quite jobs but are definitely vocations - such as being a wizard or vampire!
Photo of an accountant
An accountant is someone whose job is to manage other people's professional finances. Accountants will help in getting records into the correct format to transfer them to places like the the taxation department.
Photo of acrobats.

Ais forAcrobat

An acrobat, sometimes called an aerialist, is someone who does activities like juggling, tumbling, tightrope-walking and other gymnastics. Today, acrobats are usually seen at a circus. Before television, travelling acrobats would visit towns and castles to perform for the people's entertainment.
Photo of some actors at work

Ais forActor

An actor is someone who plays pretend for a living. Actors put on plays on stage, or are in movies or television shows pretending to be someone else or someone made up. Their job is to entertain people. Sometimes a female actor is called an actress.

Ais forActress

An actress is a female actor. Actresses may be seen on stage, on television or in movies.
An archaeologist is someone who studies cultures and societies that no longer exist, by examining what they have left behind. Where a city or other settlement used to be, there will be lots of things still there after the people have moved on, such as the remains of pottery, weapons, houses and of course the bones of the people themselves.
Photo of an architect
An architect is someone who designs houses and buildings.
Photo of a burnt house

Ais forArsonist

An arsonist is a person who commits arson.
Photo of an artist

Ais forArtist

An artist is someone who paints pictures or makes sculptures for a living. Artists do not usually make very much money.
Photo of an astronaut
An astronaut or cosmonaut is someone who goes above the Earth into space on a spaceship. Astronauts sometimes visit the moon, and perhaps in the future they will visit other planets too.