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Jobs that start with D

Jobs that start with D

When I grow up, I want to be ... This category also includes some things that aren't quite jobs but are definitely vocations - such as being a wizard or vampire!

Dis forDancer

A dancer is a person who dances. Some people are employed as dancers, which makes them professionals. The woman in the picture is a ballet dancer.
Photo of a dentist

Dis forDentist

A dentist is someone who looks after other people's teeth. They clean your teeth properly, and fix up holes in people's teeth. They can also make your teeth look better by straightening or whitening them. Sometimes going to see the dentist can be painful or scarey, so if you don't want a dentist trip to be bad, you should look after your teeth and brush them every day.
Photo of a detective
Detectives are usually members of the police force. They investigate crimes, and try and work out who committed a crime and how.
Photo of a medical doctor

Dis forDoctor

A doctor is someone who makes sick or injured people better. Their main role is to find out what is wrong with someone and prescribe treatment, while a nurse's role is mainly to look after sick or injured people as they get better. Some doctors perform surgery, cutting people open to fix what is wrong inside, to help people get better.
Photo of a bus driver

Dis forDriver

A driver is a person who drives cars, trucks or other types of vehicles for a living.
Photo of drovers and cows

Dis forDrover

A drover is someone who drives livestock like cows or sheep from place to place. Drovers usually ride horses or motorbikes.
A dry cleaning business.
A dry cleaner is a business that dry cleans clothing. Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning clothing without using a washing machine or water.