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Photo of cars driving

List of journeys

Journeys, travel, vacation, getting away for a bit!

Jis forJourney

A journey is a trip from one place to another, usually taken over quite a long time. The word journey can also be used to describe progress from one state to another, for example a weight loss journey. The people in the picture are on a bike journey. A similar word to journey is travel or trek.
Photo of cars driving

Tis forTravel

You travel when you move from one place to another. You can travel in any way, by walking, riding a bike or by driving a car like you see in the picture.
Photo of a man trekking through the mountains

Tis forTrek

To trek is to travel somewhere, but slowly and with difficulty. The man in the picture is trekking through some mountains.

Vis forVacation

A vacation, or holiday, is when you take some time off from work or school to relax. Most people go away for their vacations, and often go to stay near a beach.