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Photo of checked grass

Words that rhyme with -eck

List of words that end with a "eck " sound


Bis forBishkek

Bishkek is the capital city of Krygyzstan. The population of Bishkek is 874,400 people.
Photo of a man checking his bag

Cis forCheck

Check means to restrain or hold back. It can also mean to inspect something. The man in the picture is checking in his bag to see if he has forgotten anything. It might also mean a kind of repeating pattern. Check is also another spelling of cheque.
Photo of a check pattern

Cis forChecked

A check pattern is made up of a grid of two different colours of squares, so that no two squares the same colour are next to each other. The check pattern in the picture is made up from paving stones and grass.
Photo of a cheque

Cis forCheque

A cheque, also spelt check in some countries, is a special piece of paper that represents an amount of money. It has information on it saying which bank account the money comes from, who owns the account and how much money it represents.
Photo of a deck of cards
A full set of cards, as purchased from a shop in a box, is called a deck or pack.
Photo of a deck
A deck is a platform usually made from wooden slats. Decks are usually built outside houses that are on a slope, where the ground is too steep to have a useable outdoor space.

Fis forFleck

A fleck is a small piece of something, like a fleck of dirt. Something that has a lot of flecks on it is called flecked.
Photo of a lady's neck.

Nis forNeck

Your neck is between your head and your body. Your neck is sometimes called your throat. It has several bones in it, and can turn in a variety of directions. People like to wear jewellery around their necks.

Pis forPeck

A peck is a quick movement made by birds when they eat, hitting their beaks against something. Birds also peck to do damage, for example woodpeckers make holes by pecking. A movement similar to a bird's peck is also called a peck, for example "she gave him a quick peck on the cheek".

Sis forSpeck

A speck is a tiny piece of something, for example a speck of dust.