Plants that start with N

Plants that start with N

Alphabetical list of plants.

The most well-known plants, listed by their common names.

Photo of a nasturtium
Photo by Amanda Slater
Scientific name: genus: tropaeolum

Nasturtiums are a common plant grown for their pretty flowers. Nasturtium's leaves and flowers are edible and can be used in salads. Nasturtiums attract good insects to the garden and repel bad ones like some caterpillars and are often grown as companion plants around a vegetable garden.
Some people call a kind of watercress a nasturtium.

Photo of nectarines
Photo by Cliff Hutson
Scientific name: prunus persica

A nectarine is simply a type of peach that has smooth skin instead of fuzzy skin.

Scientific name: urtica dioica

Nettles are a common plant that has stinging hairs on the stems and under the leaves. The hairs have an acidic poison on them, which is why they sting. You should try to avoid touching nettles with your bare skin.

Photo of a norfolk island pine tree
Photo by Mr Wabu
Scientific name: araucaria heterophylla

Norfolk Island pine trees are a very distinctive type of tree originally only found on Norfolk Island. They grow very well on the coast. They have interesting compound leaves that make long, round straps made up of tiny leaves that look like a scaly snake. The adult trees are symmetrical and are often planted in a line along roadsides. They are not a true pine tree, and will not tolerate cold climates the same way pine trees do.