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Words starting with Q

Words that start with Q

A quaint quail and quince quiche was served to the Queen.

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Photo of quartz crystals

Qis forQuartz

Quartz is the second most common mineral on the surface of the Earth after feldspar. It is made of silicon dioxide in a crystalline structure. Quartz naturally forms colourless six-sided crystals, and is transparent or slightly translucent. Quartz that is milky or is coloured has impurities in it. Quartz that is a pretty colour is usually given a different name, like amethyst.
Photo of the Queen
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Qis forQueen

A Queen is the female ruler of a country or empire. You can become a Queen either by marrying a King or by being born into the position, not by being voted in by the people. You cannot choose to become a Queen. A man cannot become a King by marrying a Queen, he simply becomes a Queen's consort, and a woman who has become Queen by marriage stops being a Queen when her husband dies.

Qis forQuestion

A question is a sentence that is asked in a way so as to get some information or an answer.
Photo of question marks
A question mark is a punctuation mark used in writing to indicate a question. When you're speaking, you ask a question by raising your tone of voice at the end of the sentence. Since writing has no tone, a question mark is used instead.

Qis forQueue

A queue is a line of people (or things) waiting in turn for something. People are often seen queuing at the counter of a shop to pay for goods, or at a movie theatre to buy tickets. The person who has been in the queue the longest gets served first.
Photo of a slice of quiche

Qis forQuiche

A quiche is a baked dish made from an egg and cream custard in a pastry crust. Other ingredients are usually added to the custard, such as chopped bacon, vegetables and cheese. Quiche can be eaten cold, which makes it fun to take to a picnic.

Qis forQuick

Something happens quickly if it happens in a very short space of time, or after a very short delay. Quick might also be another word for fast. The opposite of quick is slow. The squirrel in the picture is running very quickly.
Quicksilver is another name for the liquid metal mercury.
Photo of a quiet scene.

Qis forQuiet

Something is quiet if it doesn't make very much noise. Somewhere is quiet if you can't hear much noise when you are there. The opposite of quiet is loud and if there is no noise at all, it is silent.