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Words starting with Q

Words that start with Q

A quaint quail and quince quiche was served to the Queen.

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Photo of a man with a quiff

Qis forQuiff

A quiff is a lock of hair, swept upwards, particularly above your forehead. The man in the picture has a quiff.

Qis forQuill

A quill is a pen made from a feather, usually the wing feather of a goose. The end of the pen was dipped into a pot of ink and used for writing with.

Qis forQuilt

A quilt is a kind of blanket that is made from layers of fabric stitched together. The top layer is made from scraps of fabric made into patterns or a picture. Quilts used to be a good way to use up leftover bits of fabric, but in modern times people make quilts as a hobby using new fabric in the colors that they want.

Qis forQuince

Scientific name: cydonia oblonga
The Quince is native to southwest. It is a small deciduous tree growing 5-8 m tall and 4-6 m wide. It is related to apples and pears. The quince has a pear-shaped fruit that is bright yellow when it is ripe.
Photo of quinoa

Qis forQuinoa

Scientific name: chenopodium quinoa
Quinoa is not a grass, but is grown as a cereal crop. It is more closely related to beets than wheat, and is a very good source of protein and nutrients. Quinoa seeds are usually eaten whole, cooked. The seeds have a bitter coating which needs to be removed before cooking.
A quirky photo of a toy in a teapot.

Qis forQuirky

Someone or something is quirky if they have a peculiar character about them. Putting a toy in a teapot is definitely quirky.
Photo of a quiver of arrows

Qis forQuiver

A quiver is something you store arrows in. You usually carry a quiver by wearing it on your back.
Photo of an old building with quoins.

Qis forQuoin

Quoins are decorative stones at the corners of brick or stone buildings. Sometimes they are made of bricks on a stone building, or of contrasting coloured bricks on a brick building. In older buildings quoins were structural, and added strength at the corners. In more recent buildings, quoins are decorative, and are added to make a building look stronger, or simply give it an 'older' style look. Quoins on a house that is made from timber or any other light building material are purely decorative.

Qis forQuoits

Quoits, sometimes called ring toss, is a game where you throw rings at a peg. The aim of the game is to get as many rings on the peg as possible. The rings were originally heavy and made of metal, but they can also be made of wood, rope, or even used horseshoes. Quoits using horseshoes is called horseshoe pitching.
Photo of a spotted quoll

Qis forQuoll

Scientific name: genus: dasyurus
Quolls are carniverous marsupials found in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Like all marsupials, they have a pouch where their young stay. A quoll's pouch faces backwards.