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Photo of a church

Words that rhyme with -urch

List of words that end with a "urch " sound

Photo of a cluster of birch trees

Bis forBirch

Scientific name: family: betulaceae
Birch are deciduous trees related to the oak and beech. They are found in many cooler places in the northern hemisphere. Birch are small trees that are grown in gardens for their attractive white bark.

Cis forChurch

A church is a special building where people go to pray to their God.
Photo of a bird perching on a power line

Pis forPerch

A perch is something thin enough for a bird to sit on, holding onto with its feet. It can also be used for any narrow place a person or animal can sit. You can also use perch as a verb, as in "to perch on something" or "the cat is perched on top of my head".

Sis forSearch

You search for something when you look for it very carefully.