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Photo of a bird

Words that rhyme with -erd

List of words that end with a "erd " sound

Photo of a bird

Bis forBird

Birds are a special type of animal that has two legs and two wings and is covered in feathers. Most birds can fly. Some birds, like the penguin and emu cannot fly, but they still have tiny wings. Some kinds of birds, such as parrots, can mimic what people say so well it seems like they can talk.
Photo of a crossword
A crossword is a puzzle where a player is given clues to words that must be filled out on numbered squares.

Cis forCurd

Curd is any substance that resembles milk curds and is made in a similar way, by clotting a liquid. Bean curd, also called tofu, is made by curdling soy milk.
Photo of curds draining

Cis forCurds

Curds is the solid part of milk when it is clotted as part of the cheese-making process. The liquid part is called whey.
Photo of a German shepherd
German Shepherds, also called Alsatians, are a large dog originally from Germany. As the name would suggest, they were originally bred for herding sheep and protecting the flock. They are a strong, intelligent, loyal, protective and obedient dog and make excellent police or guard dogs.

His forHerd

A group of horses, cows and groups of many other large four-legged animals is called a herd.
Photo of a hummingbird
Scientific name: family: trochilidae
Hummingbirds are a group of small birds that eat nectar. The smallest bird is a type of hummingbird. Hummingbirds can beat their wings 12-90 times a second, which gives them a distinctive hum when they fly. Because they beat their wings so fast, they can hover and fly backwards in the same way that some insects can.
Photo of a dog with an injured leg

Iis forInjured

Someone or something is injured if they are hurt or damaged. The dog in the picture has an injured leg.
Photo of a lyrebird

Lis forLyrebird

Scientific name: menura novaehollandiae or menura alberti
Lyrebirds are an Australian bird that has an amazing ability to copy any sounds it hears. Lyrebirds live on the ground and eat insects and worms. The male lyrebird has a very interesting tail that looks a little like a lyre.
Photo of scattered acorns
Some things are scattered if they are spread around randomly. The acorns in the picture are scattered all over the ground.