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Photo of clouds

Words that rhyme with -oud

List of words that end with a "oud " sound

Photo of a cloudy sky

Cis forCloud

Clouds are found in the sky. They are made from water. When they get too big and too full of water, it rains.

Cis forCrowd

A crowd is a large group of people. Generally a crowd is a group of people with no particular order, jostling together. You can also use crowd as a verb, as in "to crowd in together" which means putting a lot of things in a small space.
Photo of a jet engine

Lis forLoud

Something is loud if it makes noise that has a high volume and can be heard clearly a long way away. Things that are loud include jet engines, many kinds of machinery, and some parties.
Photo of a field being ploughed

Pis forPloughed

Ploughed is the past tense of plough.
Photo of a field being ploughed

Pis forPlowed

Plowed is the past tense of plow.
Photo of a proud boy

Pis forProud

You feel proud when you have a good feeling about something that you have done, or something that someone else has done. A parent may be proud of their child who has just graduated university. A child may be proud of making a very good painting. The boy in the picture is proud of his newborn baby brother.