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Photo of a cliff

Words that rhyme with -iff

List of words that end with a "iff " sound

Photo of a cliff

Cis forCliff

A cliff is a near-vertical expanse of rock, usually found next to the sea or by the side of a river. Cliffs are usually caused by erosion. A lot of people like to climb up cliffs, and many more people just like to look at them, or take photographs.
Photo of Egyptian hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphics are an older form of writing made up of pictures. Each picture, or hieroglyph, can represent a concept (such as daytime or spring), a phonetic sound, or simply be a drawing of an object to be taken literally. Ancient hieroglyphs were like our alphabet today - not everyone could read or write in hieroglyphs, only those that were taught how to.
Photo of a man with a quiff

Qis forQuiff

A quiff is a lock of hair, swept upwards, particularly above your forehead. The man in the picture has a quiff.

Sis forSniff

You sniff when you suck air in through your nose in short bursts. You also sniff things so you can smell them.