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Photo of someone playing golf

Words that rhyme with -olf

List of words that end with a "olf " sound

Photo of a tree engulfing a fence

Eis forEngulf

You engulf something when you swallow it up and take it over. The tree in the picture has engulfed the fence. You can also engulf yourself in something by becoming completely absorbed in it, for example "he engulfed himself in his new hobby".

Gis forGolf

Golf is a game where the people who play it try and hit small balls into each hole on a golf course in the smallest of strokes. People who play golf are called golfers, and they try and hit the balls with different size golf clubs, depending on what kind of ground the golf ball is on.
A gulf as seen from space.

Gis forGulf

A gulf is a large bay where land meets part of an ocean or sea.