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Photo of a woman playing tennis.

List of sports

Organised games that people play. Many other games can be found under the toys and games category.

Bis forBaseball

Baseball is a team game, played between two teams of nine players each. The aim is to score as many runs as possible. A player first hits a ball with a baseball bat, and then starts trying to make a run. You make a run when you run the whole way around a diamond with a base on each corner.
Photo of someone playing basketball
Basketball is a sport played between two teams of five people. The object of the game is to get a ball through the hoops at the ends of the basketball court more times than the opposing team.
Photo of two young men boxing

Bis forBoxing

Boxing is a sport where two people fight each other with their fists. One person wins if they knock the other person out, injure them so badly they can't continue, or simply too much time passes and then a judge needs to decide who won. Someone who boxes is called a boxer.
Photo of croquet

Cis forCroquet

Croquet is a lawn game, which involves hitting a ball through hoops stuck into the grass with a mallet. There are many different variations on the rules for croquet, with the simplest being that the person who knocks the ball through all the hoops with the fewest number of hits wins.

Gis forGolf

Golf is a game where the people who play it try and hit small balls into each hole on a golf course in the smallest of strokes. People who play golf are called golfers, and they try and hit the balls with different size golf clubs, depending on what kind of ground the golf ball is on.
Photo of people playing hockey

His forHockey

Hockey is a very old sport where two teams try and get a puck into the other side's goal, using curved sticks. Hockey played on grass is called field hockey and hockey played on ice is called ice hockey.
Photo of a man with a javelin

Jis forJavelin

A javelin is a kind of spear that is usually used in competitive sport, where the person who throws the javelin the furthest wins.

Ris forRace

A race is where two or more people or animals try and take the shortest possible time to travel a set distance. The winner is the fastest. There are lots of different kinds of race. The picture is of some people racing each other on bicycles, but there are also horse races, dog races, running races, car races and of course anything that can move can be raced.
Photo of a rodeo

Ris forRodeo

Rodeos are events where cowboys and cowgirls test their skills. The events usually involve horses and other livestock, such as testing the contestant's ability to stay on a bucking horse or cow, and events like roping a cow or other animal while on horseback.
Scuba diving is a sport where you swim deep under the water, with a supply of breathable air carried down under the water with you. Scuba divers wear wetsuits to keep them warm when they are under the water. When you are scuba diving you can see fish and coral reefs up close.