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Photo of a duck.

Words that rhyme with -uck

List of words that end with a "uck " sound

Photo of a horse bucking
Bucking is an action where a horse or similar animal jumps into the air and kicks its back legs up. This action usually makes whoever is on its back fall off.
Photo of a buck antelope
The male of several different animals is called a buck, including some kinds of deer, antelope and goats. You may also be interested in a horse's buck.
Photo of a chicken.

Cis forCluck

Clucking is the noise chickens make.

Dis forDuck

A duck is a kind of small to medium water bird, related to the much larger goose and swan. Ducks can be found around water all over the world, in rivers, ponds and even the sea. Ducks eat water plants, small fish and snails. A male duck is called a drake and a baby duck is called a duckling.
Photo of four leaf clovers

Lis forLuck

Luck is when something good or bad happens by chance. People usually say they are lucky when something good happens to them.
Photo of a mandarin duck
Scientific name: aix galericulata
Mandarin ducks are a very striking and attractive kind of duck originally from China and parts of Russia. As with most birds, the female of the species is a dull brown.

Pis forPluck

You pluck something by pulling it off at the growing point. People commonly pluck out hairs from their eyebrows, pluck fruit from a tree or vine, or most commonly pluck the feathers from a bird like a chicken to prepare it for cooking. The chicken in the picture has been plucked everywhere except its wings. Plucking can also describe a short, sharp way of playing an instrument like a guitar, or even be used as another word for courage, as in "he has a lot of pluck".
Photo of a hockey puck

Pis forPuck

A puck is a small, round object that is flat on the bottom. It is used instead of a ball in hockey.
Photo of leaves stuck to a car tire

Sis forStuck

Something is stuck to something else if it attached somehow. You can make things stick together by using glue. The picture is of some leaves stuck to a car tire.
Photo of a little girl sucking through a straw

Sis forSuck

Suction is a way of moving liquids by pulling them into an area of lower pressure. When you suck through a straw you make the inside of your mouth a low pressure zone. Water pumps move water around by the same principle.