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Photo of a windmill

Words that rhyme with -ill

List of words that end with a "ill " sound

Kis forKrill

Scientific name: order: euphausiacea
Krill are small, shrimp-like crustaceans that live in huge numbers in the sea. They are food for a very large number of different sea creatures, including some whales. Krill are near the bottom of the food chain in the sea.

Lis forLentils

Scientific name: lens culinaris
Lentils are a pulse, which means they grow seeds in pods like beans and peas but they are harvested when the seeds are dry. Beans and peas that are not picked fresh but are left to dry out first are also called pulses. Lentils are eaten all over the world, and are good food for people who do not eat meat. They can be made into soup, stews and curries. They cannot be eaten raw, and need to be cooked before you can eat them. If you soak lentils overnight before you cook them, they are easier to digest.
Louisville is the largest city in the state of Kentucky in the United States of America. It has a population of around 1.3 million.
Photo of a mill

Mis forMill

Mills are places or devices where some kind of raw material is turned into something more useful. There are many different kinds of mills. Older mills usually consist of a large, heavy millstone which is turned either by the power of flowing water or by the wind, hence the commonly seen windmills. Mills might be used to grind grain into flour, press olives into oil, process cotton into cloth, or even for processing lumber in a sawmill.
Photo of a bridge in Nashville
Nashville is the capital of the state of Tenessee in the United States of America. It has a population of around 1.6 million.

Nis forNostril

Your nostrils are the two holes in your nose that you use to breathe through and smell through.

Pis forPencil

A pencil is something that you use to write or draw with. Pencils are usually made from wood, with a thin strip of graphite (in a lead pencil) or waxy coloured material. The end of the pencil will wear out as you use it, and you will need to sharpen it. Pens do not need sharpening.

Pis forPill

Pills, also called tablets, are small, usually hard lumps of medicine that are meant to be swallowed.
Photo of a cat's eyes

Pis forPupil

Your pupil is the black central part of your eye. The pupil is actually a hole in the center of your iris that lets light into your eye so you can see. Your pupil gets smaller when it is very bright, and big when it is dark. Some animals, like cats, have slit-shaped pupils not round ones.

Qis forQuill

A quill is a pen made from a feather, usually the wing feather of a goose. The end of the pen was dipped into a pot of ink and used for writing with.