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Photo of a windmill

Words that rhyme with -ill

List of words that end with a "ill " sound

Photo of a bucket being filled

Fis forFill

Filling is the process you take to make something full. The bucket in the picture is being filled with water from a faucet.

Fis forFossil

When an animal or plant dies and is buried under the ground with the right conditions for thousands or even millions of years, it turns to stone. Later when we dig them back up, we call them a fossil. When something has been turned into a fossil it is fossilised. People have found fossils of all sized creatures, from tiny sea snails, to frogs, right up to enormous dinosaurs. Most of the creatures that people find as fossils are extinct - you can no longer see a living animal of that kind. The fossil in the picture is a trilobite.
Photo of a frilled dress

Fis forFrill

A frill is a type of trim around the edge of something to make it look prettier. A frill is usually gathered on one edge and free on the other, forming a ruffle.
photo of a fish with gills

Gis forGill

Gills are what creatures that live in water use to breathe. Fish gills are easy to see, between their head and their side fins. Other creatures have less obvious gills, that look like fine, tufty growths.
Hamburgers on a grill.

Gis forGrill

A grill is a metal grid that is placed over intense heat or open fire which is used for cooking food, typically meat.
A grille on the front of a car.

Gis forGrille

A grille is a metal grate used as a decorative and protective covering, especially for a car or a fireplace.
Photo of rolling hills.

His forHills

Hills are small mountains, and have a much gentler slope than mountains do.
Photo of someone with a cold

Iis forIll

Ill is another word for sick, as in "I feel ill today". It may also be used before another word to make a negative phrase out of that word, for example "the child was very ill mannered" , or "she received nothing but ill will".
Photo of a cat with a mouse

Kis forKill

You kill something when you stop it from being alive. When a person kills another person on purpose, it is called murder. Killing might also mean stopping something from happening, for example "lack of money killed his plans to go to Europe".
Photo of kiln chimneys

Kis forKiln

A kiln is a special kind of oven designed for firing pottery or bricks. Some kilns are big enough to dry timber in, or for smelting ore into metal.