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Photo of chickens

Words that rhyme with -uct

List of words that end with a "uct " sound

Photo of a horse bucking

Bis forBucked

Bucked is the past tense of buck. For example, "the horse bucked off it's rider".
Photo of a chicken.

Cis forClucked

Clucked is the past tense of cluck, for example "the chickens clucked as they scratched around the yard".
Photo of a duct

Dis forDuct

A duct is any kind of tube or pipe that carries gas or a liquid. Ducts are most commonly used for ventilation, like an air conditioning system.
Photo of a man instructing a woman

Iis forInstruct

You instruct someone when you tell them what to do in small, helpful steps. The man in the picture is instructing the woman. See also instructions.

Pis forPlucked

Something is plucked if it has had all the hair or feathers pulled out of it. Plucked is also the past tense of pluck.
Photo of a little girl sucking through a straw

Sis forSucked

Sucked is the past tense of suck, for example "the girl sucked her drink through a straw".
Photo of a made bed

Tis forTucked

Tucked is the past tense of tuck. The sheets on the bed in the picture are tucked in, and have all the loose ends nicely hidden away.
Photo of a man with his shirt untucked

Uis forUntucked

Something is untucked if the loose edge of something is flapping and is not held in place. The man in the picture has his shirt untucked. Untucked is the opposite of tucked.