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Photo of some spanners.

List of tools

Tools for making things, and for cleaning around the house. Sometimes you need the cleaning tools because you made a mess with the making tools!

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Photo of tools

Tis forTool

A tool is a device, usually something you can hold in your hand, that you use to help you make things.
Photo of tweezers

Tis forTweezers

Tweezers are a small tool designed to grip things that are too small to grip with your fingers. They are often used for pulling out hairs or splinters.
A vacuum cleaner, or sometimes a hoover, is a machine that is used to suck dirt and dust from floors inside your house. It works by making a vacuum inside it by pumping the air out of a chamber inside the cleaner, so that air from outside rushes in to fill up the space that is left. The dust is removed from the air by filtering it, usually through some cloth.
Photo of washers

Wis forWasher

A washer is usually put on the threaded side of a bolt to spread the force of the tightened bolt. Washers can also be used for spacing, and even for making jewelry from.
Photo of a man pushing a wheelbarrow
A wheelbarrow is something you use in the garden or on a building site to move things around that are too heavy to carry yourself. They have handles at one end to push and a wheel at the other end. Wheelbarrows only have one wheel so they are easy to steer, and so you can tip them up and drop whatever is in the wheelbarrow into a pile on the ground. Wheelbarrows are very good for moving dirt, soil and gravel.
Photo of a man cracking a whip

Wis forWhip

A whip is usually made from a short stick with a thin strip of leather at the end, although some whips are just made from a flexible rod. Whips are usually used for training animals, as an extension of your arm. Whips can be cracked with a loud noise, which will scare an animal and make them change direction.
Photo of three wrenches

Wis forWrench

A wrench, or spanner, is used for tightening and loosening bolts, nuts, or anything else that is stuck and hard to turn. Like screws, bolts come in different shapes and sizes and spanners come in a range to match.