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Verbs that start with I

Verbs that start with I

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a monitor impaled on a post

Iis forImpale

Something is impaled if it has had something strong and pointed stuck into it, or even right through it. Something that is Impaled is usually supported above the ground by whatever it was impaled on. The monitor in the picture has been impaled on a post.
Photo of an aphid infestation

Iis forInfest

When a lot of something that you really don't want, comes to a place where you don't want them, they are infesting that place. You might have aphids infest your rose bushes. Infestations usually take some effort to get rid of.

Iis forIngest

You ingest something when you take it into your body, usually by eating it. Ingest is a more technical term for eating, but can also include non-food items that you have ingested that aren't actually edible.
Photo of a man inhaling

Iis forInhale

You inhale when you breathe in. The opposite of inhale is exhale.
Photo of someone injecting marinade

Iis forInject

Injecting is a way of forcing a liquid inside something else. Medicines are often injected into people's vein using a syringe. The person in the picture is injecting marinade under the skin of a chicken before cooking it.
Photo of a man instructing a woman

Iis forInstruct

You instruct someone when you tell them what to do in small, helpful steps. The man in the picture is instructing the woman. See also instructions.
You investigate something when you look at it more closely or try and learn more about it. The cat in the picture is investigating the dolls.