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Verbs that start with K

Verbs that start with K

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a boy kicking a ball.

Kis forKick

You kick something when you hit it with your feet. A lot of sports are played by kicking a ball.
Photo of a cat with a mouse

Kis forKill

You kill something when you stop it from being alive. When a person kills another person on purpose, it is called murder. Killing might also mean stopping something from happening, for example "lack of money killed his plans to go to Europe".
Photo of a man starting a fire

Kis forKindle

You kindle a fire when you first start it. The word kindle can also be used to describe something else starting, for example "a love for her was kindled in him".
Photo of a man kissing a baby.

Kis forKiss

Kissing is when you press your puckered lips against something else. People normally kiss each other on the cheek or lips.
Photo of someone kneading dough.

Kis forKnead

Kneading is a way of mixing ingredients together to form dough. Kneading warms the dough slightly, and breaks the proteins in the flour down into gluten strands. When dough is kneaded enough it has a smooth, elastic texture. Dough that hasn't been kneaded enough won't rise as well when it is cooking, and will be hard instead of soft and fluffy.
Photo of a girl kneeling

Kis forKneel

When you sit down low on your knees, you are kneeling.

Kis forKnock

You knock on something with your knuckles to make a loud noise. People knock on doors to let the people inside know they are there so they can be let in. To save your knuckles, a lot of doors have doorknockers or doorbells.