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Verbs that start with S

Verbs that start with S

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a boy scout saluting

Sis forSalute

A salute is a formal gesture of respect. Salutes are most often used by the military, but are also used by organisations like the Scouts.
Photo of someone scaring a cat

Sis forScare

You scare someone when you make them scared or frightened. The man in the picture is trying to scare his cat.
Photo of scattered acorns

Sis forScatter

You scatter something if you spread them around at roughly even spacing but with no real order. People often scatter seeds to feed birds. The acorns in the picture are scattered all over the ground.
A woman scolding a boy.

Sis forScold

Scold means to angrily lecture or chide someone, especially a child, for doing something wrong.
Photo of scoops of cookie batter

Sis forScoop

A scoop is a kind of spoon that is deep and shaped like a hemisphere. A scoop might also mean something made with a scoop, for example a scoop of icecream.

Sis forScrape

You scrape something when you rub a rough object along it and remove some of the top layer. When you fall over on asphalt you scrape your knees. The car in the picture has a big scrape down its side.

Sis forScrub

You scrub something when you use something stiff and scratchy like a scrubbing brush to clean it with. When you scrub something you do it vigorously, not gently.

Sis forSearch

You search for something when you look for it very carefully.
A sedated dog.

Sis forSedate

Sedate is another word for calm. If you are sedated, you have been given a drug to make you calm.

Sis forSee

You see something if you can tell it is there, using your eyes. Being able to see means you have the sense of sight. Someone who cannot see is blind.