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Verbs that start with W

Verbs that start with W

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of people wading at the beach

Wis forWade

Wading is walking through water. Usually you wade through shallow water that is less than waist deep. Any deeper and it would be easier to swim.
Photo of a dog wagging its tail.

Wis forWag

You wag or waggle something when you wave it backwards and forwards fairly fast. dogs wag their tails when they are happy. People sometimes wag their fingers to tell someone else off.

Wis forWait

Waiting is passing time until something happens. You often have to wait at a doctor's surgery, and sometimes you need to wait in a queue for something. People usually sit and read or just do nothing at all when they are waiting.

Wis forWalk

When you walk, you don't go very fast. You always have one foot on the ground. People normally walk around unless they are in a hurry, when they run.
Photo of a waning moon

Wis forWane

Something is waning when it is decreasing in size, intensity, strength or power. For example, "his health was waning". The picture is of the waning moon. The opposite of waning is waxing.

Wis forWash

You wash something when it is dirty by rubbing it with soap and water until it is clean. Washing removes dirt, oil, grease and other stains from something that is dirty.

Wis forWaste

You waste something when you have it, but you don't use it, or you use it for less important things. Someone might waste their money by buying lots of pairs of shoes and then complaining later they have no money for other things. Waste is also leftovers, or something that is no longer needed and becomes trash. Anything you throw away is waste.
Photo of a woven mat up close

Wis forWeave

Weaving is threading something in and out between something else. Baskets are woven, as is most cloth that isn't stretchy. You have to look very closely at cloth to see that it is woven. Anything that looks like it is woven is said to have a woven or basketweave pattern.
Photo of a weeping willow

Wis forWeep

A plant has a weeping growth pattern if its branches hang downwards. Weep is also another word for cry or sob.
Photo of someone standing on scales

Wis forWeigh

You weigh something to find out how heavy it is. Weight is a measure of how much gravity pulls on something. Not to be confused with way or whey.