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Photo of a handbag

Words that rhyme with -ag

List of words that end with a "ag " sound

Photo of a bag

Bis forBag

A bag is a container with handles that you carry around with you. You can put all sorts of things in a bag, depending on how big it is. School children carry their books in a bag on their back. Women carry lipstick in small bags that they carry in their hands or over one shoulder - usually called handbags. The biggest bag is a suitcase that you pack a lot of your clothes in when you go on holidays.

Bis forBeanbag

A beanbag is a large cloth bag full of small polystyrene beans. They are usually big enough to sit in. They squish and change shape when you sit in them so they are very comfortable. You can get very small beanbags too, which you can play games with or juggle with.
Photo of a soldier dragging a wounded comrade

Dis forDrag

You drag something when you pull it along with much effort. Generally when you drag something, most of it is on the ground and you have to overcome a lot of friction. People often drag things when they don't have something like a wheelbarrow or trolley to help them, and they are too heavy to carry.
Photo of an American flag

Fis forFlag

A flag is a piece of cloth attached to a tall pole. A flag in the wind will spread out so you can see the design on the flag. Each country of the world has their own special design for a flag. You can have flags just for decoration too. One of the more famous flags is the Jolly Roger, which is the flag pirate ships would fly. The flag in the picture is an older American flag.
A protester wearing a gag.
A gag is a strip of cloth or other material such as tape that is fastened around a person's mouth to stop them from talking.
Photo of a red handbag

His forHandbag

A handbag is a container with one or more handles that a woman carries around with her. Most handbags have things like money, lipstick and a mobile phone in them. In some countries, a handbag is also known as a purse.

Ris forRag

A rag is a small leftover piece of cloth, usually used for something like cleaning with. Some people use rags to make things from, like rag dolls or quilts.
A sleeping bag is essentially a blanket that closes around the edges with a zipper. Sleeping bags keep the person inside warm and dry. They are usually used while camping, as a mobile bed.
Photo of a stag.

Sis forStag

A stag is a male deer. Stags can grow a very large set of antlers, which they shed each year.
Photo of a price tag

Tis forTag

A tag is a small piece of paper or cloth attached to something else. Tags usually have information about the thing they are attached to. The tag in the picture is a price tag.