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Photo of wood.

Types of wood

List of some different types of wood

Photo of a carved ebony elephant

Eis forEbony

Scientific name: genus: Diospyros
Ebony is extremely dense, fine-grained black wood. It does not float in water. Ebony is most famously used to make the black keys on a piano.

Mis forMahogany

Mahogany is a generic name given to several different kinds of reddish-brown furniture grade timber, either from tropical regions or the Americas.
Photo of an oak floor

Ois forOak

Oak is timber from the oak tree. It can be used to make floors and furniture.
Photo of pine wood

Pis forPine

Pine is a soft, cheap timber, commonly used for making floors and furniture. It becomes more yellow as it ages.
Photo of teak

Tis forTeak

Scientific name: tectona grandis
Teak is a timber from an Indian tree. It is hard, durable and is particularly useful for making outdoor furniture and decking on ships.