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Photo of spokes.

Words that rhyme with -oke

List of words that end with a "oke " sound

Photo of globe artichokes
Scientific name: cynara cardunculus
Globe artichokes are a type of thistle. The edible part of the artichoke is the young flowerbud. Artichokes are usually boiled in salted water until they are tender. In some countries they are deep fried.

Bis forBloke

Bloke is an English or Australian slang word for man, particularly an ordinary man.
Photo of a woman wearing a cloak.

Cis forCloak

A cloak is a loose garment that is worn over other clothes. It has a clasp or a tie holding it closed around your neck and just falls in one big piece. Cloaks have no holes for your arms. Some cloaks also have a hood.
Photo of coke burning

Cis forCoke

Coke is a fuel formed by burning coal or wood. If you are looking for the drink, see cola. It is also a slang word for cocaine.

Cis forCroak

Croak is the noise a frog or toad makes. Sometimes people say "ribbit" instead of croak. Frogs make noise by passing air through a vocal sac, but by puffing out the skin on their throats they can make their croak so loud that some types of frog can be heard up to a mile away.
Folk singers.

Fis forFolk

Folk is a word used to describe people, often of a similar culture or social class. The folk singers in the picture celebrate their culture by wearing traditional clothing.
Photo of an oak floor

Ois forOak

Oak is timber from the oak tree. It can be used to make floors and furniture.

Ois forOak tree

Scientific name: quercus robur
Oaks are a group of trees and shrubs from the Northern hemisphere. There are both deciduous and evergreen oaks. Most people are familiar with the common oak trees that grow acorns. Oak wood is used for making furniture, and was once used for making houses. It is still used for making wine barrels.

Pis forPoke

You poke something by taking something pointy and pushing it into something else, but not so hard it does any damage. You can poke people with your finger to get their attention, or poke something with a stick to see how hard or soft it is.
Photo of smoke

Sis forSmoke

Smoke is given off when you burn something. Smoke is made up of byproduct gases and small particles from the burning process. Most of the particles are small specs of soot. The smoke in the picture is a smoke bomb some students made in a science class at a school.