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List of conjunctions

Words that are used to join other words together.

Ais forAnd

And is a word that is used for connecting two other words together. For example: "Anne and Mary went for a walk." "3 and 5 is 8." "I went to the shop to buy milk, bread and eggs." You can also write and as an ampersand.

Bis forBoth

You have both of something when you have two things, together. Both means you have all of some things, when there are only two things. The man in the picture has both hands full.
Photo of a sign that says for

Fis forFor

For means with a purpose of, or intended to belong to. Some examples are: "I am collecting shells for my sandcastle" "That cupboard is for the towels" "Is that for me?" Not to be confused with four.
Photo of a sign that says or

Ois forOr

Or is a word that is used to connect two other words or phrases that are alternatives, for example "do you want beef or chicken?"