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Photo of a man pointing at the camera

List of pronouns

Pronouns are words you use to substitute for nouns in a very general sense.

Ais forAny

You use the word any when you are talking about one or more things from a group, but it doesn't matter which ones you are talking about. For example, "just pick any of those sheep, they all look the same".

Bis forBoth

You have both of something when you have two things, together. Both means you have all of some things, when there are only two things. The man in the picture has both hands full.

Mis forMany

Many means you have a large number of something. The man in the picture has many kittens.
Photo of me
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Mis forMe

This is a photo of me. I made this website. When you say "me" you are talking about yourself.
Photo of one cat.

Ois forOne

There is one cat in the picture. The number that comes after one is two. You can also use one as a pronoun, for example "one must do one's homework".

Tis forThis

This is a way of indicating the current thing you are talking about. For example, you might say "this is my hat" or "should I wear this?".
Photo of a man pointing at the camera

Yis forYou

You is a single person being addressed. When you talk about yourself you usually say I or me. When you talk about someone else and you are talking to them, you say you. For example, you are reading this page.

Yis forYour

Your means something belongs to you. For example, "here is your drink". It is not the same as you're.