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Photo of hands.

Words that rhyme with -and

List of words that end with a "and " sound

An ampersand is a symbol that represents the word and.

Ais forAnd

And is a word that is used for connecting two other words together. For example: "Anne and Mary went for a walk." "3 and 5 is 8." "I went to the shop to buy milk, bread and eggs." You can also write and as an ampersand.
Photo of a band playing

Bis forBand

A band is a group of musicians who perform music together. Music made by a group of people playing different instruments together is usually more interesting than music made by only a single instrument.
Bland table.

Bis forBland

Bland means boring or uninteresting. If something is bland, it is easy to forget.
Photo of the Apple logo

Bis forBrand

A brand is a set of images, colors and other features that makes products from one seller stand apart from those of other sellers.
Cleveland is a city in the state of Ohio in the United States of America. It has a population of around 2.2 million.

Eis forExpand

To expand means to take up more space or grow bigger. As you blow up a balloon, it expands.
Photo of the Finnish flag

Fis forFinland

Finland is a Nordic country in northern Europe. The capital of Finland is Helsinki. People in Finland speak Finnish and Swedish.
Photo of a dog wearing garlands

Gis forGarland

A garland is another word for a wreath. The word garland is generally used for a wreath made of flowers that is worn on your head or around your neck for a happy occasion.
Photo of bananas
A bunch of bananas is also called a hand.