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Photo of an Indian flag

Countries in Asia

List of countries in Asia

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Photo of an Afghan flag
Afghanistan is a country in central Asia. The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul. People in Afghanistan speak Persian and Pashto.

Ais forArmenia

Armenia is a country located where Asia joins Europe. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. People in Armenia speak Armenian.
Photo of the Azerbaijan flag
Azerbaijan is a country located where west Asia joins eastern Europe. The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. People in Azerbaijan speak Azerbaijani.
Photo of the Bahraini flag

Bis forBahrain

Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. People in Bahrain speak Arabic.
Bangladesh is a state in south Asia, bordered by Burma and India. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. People in Bangladesh speak Bengali.

Bis forBhutan

Bhutan is a country in south Asia, between India and China. The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu. People in Bhutan speak Dzongkha.
Photo of Brunei flags

Bis forBrunei

Brunei is a state on the island of Borneo in south east Asia. It is surrounded by Malaysia and the sea. The capital of Brunei is Bandar Seri Begawan. People in Brunei speak Malay.

Bis forBurma

Burma, formerly known as Siam and also known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a country in south east Asia. The capital of Burma is Naypyidaw. People in Burma speak Burmese.

Cis forCambodia

Cambodia is a country in south eastern Asia. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh. People in Cambodia speak Khmer.
Photo of the Chinese flag

Cis forChina

China is the country with the most people in it. The capital of China is Beijing. People in China speak Chinese.