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Photo of an airplane.

Words that rhyme with -ane

List of words that end with a "ane " sound

Photo of an airplane.

Ais forAirplane

An airplane, or aeroplane, is a vehicle powered by an engine that flies through the air. A plane without engines is called a glider. Planes can be so small they only fit one or two people, right up to very big passenger planes that can carry hundreds of people and their luggage.
Photo of the Bahraini flag

Bis forBahrain

Bahrain is an island country in the Persian Gulf. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. People in Bahrain speak Arabic.
Photo of a model brain

Bis forBrain

Your brain is inside your head, protected by your skull. All creatures that have a skeleton have a brain inside their head. Your brain controls everything that goes on inside your body, like your breathing, digestion and heartbeat. Your brain is what controls how you move your arms and legs to move, and controls talking and thinking.
Photo of actor Dean Cain

Cis forCain

Cain is a Hebrew name for boys. Cain means "spear." The photo is of actor Dean Cain.
Photo of a man with a walking cane

Cis forCane

A cane is a curved stick with a handle at the top. Some people use a cane to help them walk.
Chocolate wrapped in cellophane.
Cellophane is a transparent sheet of plastic that can come in a variety of colors. Some kinds of cellophane are used to wrap food to keep it fresh, other kinds are just decorative.

Cis forChain

A chain is made of links - each link goes through the next link to make one long chain. Chains are usually made from a metal like steel, and are used where rope isn't strong enough. Chains are used to lift heavy containers with a crane, or to pull very heavy loads behind a truck or tractor. Very small chains are used for jewellery. Decorative chains are usually made from gold or silver.
Champagne is a kind of white, bubby or sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France. In some countries, champagne can be used to mean any kind of sparkling white wine.

Cis forContain

You contain something by keeping it inside something else. The bucket in the picture contains a cat.
Photo of a crane
Scientific name: family: gruidae
Cranes are tall, graceful birds with long necks and long legs. They usually live near water, and build their nests on floating platforms. Cranes can live for several decades. There are many different kinds of crane, and they are found all over the world except Antarctica. Cranes are often the subject of origami sculptures.