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Countries that start with G

Countries in Europe

List of countries in Europe

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Photo of the Albanian flag

Ais forAlbania

Albania is a country in southern Europe. The capital of Albania is Tirana. People in Albania speak Albanian.

Ais forAndorra

The Principality of Andorra is a country in south west Europe. The capital of Andorra is Andorra la Vella. People in Andorra speak Catalan.

Ais forArmenia

Armenia is a country located where Asia joins Europe. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. People in Armenia speak Armenian.
Photo of the Austrian flag

Ais forAustria

Austria is a country in central Europe. The capital of Austria is Vienna. People in Austria speak German.
Photo of the Belgian flag

Bis forBelgium

Belgium is a country in western Europe. The capital of Belgium is Brussels. People in Belgium speak Dutch, French and German.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo. People in Bosnia and Herzegovina speak Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian.

Bis forBulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in south east Europe. The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. People in Bulgaria speak Bulgarian.
Photo of a Croatian flag

Cis forCroatia

Croatia is a country in central Europe. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. People in Croatia speak Croatian.

Cis forCyprus

Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean sea. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. People in Cyprus speak Greek and Turkish. Not to be confused with cypress.
The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe, between Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague. People in the Czech Republic speak Czech.

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