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List of dances

Some of the popular dances and dance moves.

Bis forBallet

Ballet is a special kind of dance that was originally from France. Ballet has a lot of technical movements with their own names, like pirouette and battement. Ballet is usually danced to classical music.
Photo of some women dancing

Dis forDance

Dancing is a way of moving that is usually set to music and is pleasant to watch. There are many different kinds of dance, from very formal dances like ballet that have defined movements, tribal and traditional dances from many cultures, through to unstructured dancing that young people do at nightclubs.

Dis forDancer

A dancer is a person who dances. Some people are employed as dancers, which makes them professionals. The woman in the picture is a ballet dancer.

Tis forTango

The tango is a rapid, sensual dance for two people that originates in Argentina.

Tis forTwerk

Twerking is a provocative dance where a person squats or bends over and wiggles their hips, usually to hip hop or rap music.
A couple waltzing.

Wis forWaltz

The waltz is a ballroom dance for two people that involves a lot of stepping and turning.