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Photo of actors on stage

Stage & screen

Things related to acting, movies and performing.You might also be interested in the musical category.

Photo of acrobats.

Ais forAcrobat

An acrobat, sometimes called an aerialist, is someone who does activities like juggling, tumbling, tightrope-walking and other gymnastics. Today, acrobats are usually seen at a circus. Before television, travelling acrobats would visit towns and castles to perform for the people's entertainment.
Photo of some actors at work

Ais forActor

An actor is someone who plays pretend for a living. Actors put on plays on stage, or are in movies or television shows pretending to be someone else or someone made up. Their job is to entertain people. Sometimes a female actor is called an actress.

Ais forActress

An actress is a female actor. Actresses may be seen on stage, on television or in movies.
Photo of people applauding

Ais forApplaud

Applauding is clapping after something happens to show you like it. People in an audience applaud after a performance like an opera if they think it was very good.
Photo of men applauding

Ais forApplause

Applause is clapping of hands to show appreciation. Applause happens when a group of people in an audience all applaud at once.
Photo of an audience

Ais forAudience

An audience is a group of people that are watching some kind of public event, like a concert or a speech. The people organizing the event usually hold it somewhere there are a lot of chairs, so the people in the audience can sit down while they are watching.

Bis forBallet

Ballet is a special kind of dance that was originally from France. Ballet has a lot of technical movements with their own names, like pirouette and battement. Ballet is usually danced to classical music.
Photo of a movie on tv.

Mis forMovie

A movie is a story told with moving pictures on a big screen or a TV.

Pis forPerform

You perform something when you do it so other people can watch you. Most performances are done on a stage and watched by an audience.
Photo of a theatre stage

Sis forStage

A stage is a platform where people sing or put on some other form of entertainment for the audience watching them. The stage is usually in the center of a large room or area full of seats where people can sit and watch.