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Photo of dancers.

Words that rhyme with -ance

List of words that end with a "ance " sound

Photo of an ambulance
An ambulance is a type of van that is used to take sick or injured people to a hospital or doctor's surgery. Ambulances often have emergency equipment in them so ambulance officers can save people's lives when they arrive instead of just driving them to the hospital. Ambulances are also used to take people from one hospital to another. The word 'ambulance' is written backwards on the front of an ambulance so people in cars can read the writing in their rear view mirrors.
A man helping a woman across a stream
When you help or assist someone, you are offering your assistance. Not to be confused with assistant.
Photo of a seal balancing a ball on its nose

Bis forBalance

Balancing is the ability to stay still in a situation you'd normally be very wobbly in. For example, you need to balance to stand on a ball, or walk along a tightrope. You can also balance other things other than yourself. You can balance a pen across the end of your finger, or balance a cup on the end of your nose.
Photo of some women dancing

Dis forDance

Dancing is a way of moving that is usually set to music and is pleasant to watch. There are many different kinds of dance, from very formal dances like ballet that have defined movements, tribal and traditional dances from many cultures, through to unstructured dancing that young people do at nightclubs.

Dis forDistance

Distance describes how far apart two points are, or describes something that is a long way away, for example "you can see the hills in the distance". The men in the picture are making a fence with all the posts the same distance apart.

Eis forEntrance

An entrance is the way into somewhere, usually a building. When you enter somewhere with a big fuss, you are said to be making an entrance. The opposite of an entrance is an exit.

Fis forFrance

France is a country in Europe. The capital of France is Paris. People in France speak French.
Insurance is something that you pay or put aside, usually to an insurance company, so that if something bad happens you are reimbursed for an agreed amount. For example, you might have an insurance policy on your car, so that if it is damaged beyond repair the insurance company gives you a new one.
Photo of a knight wielding a lance

Lis forLance

A lance is a kind of spear designed to be held by riders on horseback. Lances were most often used in jousting.

Pis forPrance

A prance is a very proud, springy step. Usually when you are talking about prancing, you mean a horse.