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Photo of an ostrich

Words that rhyme with -itch

List of words that end with a "itch " sound

Photo of a female dog

Bis forBitch

A bitch is a female dog.
Cross stitch is a kind of embroidery made up of lots of evenly spaced stitched crosses.
Photo of a ditch

Dis forDitch

A ditch is a long hole, similar to a trench but ditches are less likely to be filled in later. Ditches can be dug for drainage or as a barrier to keep animals in or out.
Photo of a tiger scratching its ear

Iis forItch

An itch is an annoying, twingey feeling in your skin that you just have to scratch. Some itches are from touching something like poison ivy, some are from mosquito bites, and others just happen for no reason.
Photo of a light switch
Light switches are usually mounted on walls near a door frame. They are used to turn a light on or off.
Photo of an ostrich

Ois forOstrich

Scientific name: struthio camelus
The ostrich is a large flightless bird that is native to Africa. It is the largest bird in the world, and is farmed for its meat, skin and feathers. The ostrich egg when first laid contains the largest single cell on earth.

Sis forSandwich

A sandwich is made from two pieces of bread with some kind of filling in between. The filling can be ham, chicken, tomato, lettuce, cheese, jam or anything else you think will taste good on a sandwich!

Sis forStitch

Stitching is a way of connecting two pieces of fabric together with loops of thread. The thread is pulled through the fabric with a needle when you are sewing by hand, or done automatically with a sewing machine. A lot of stitches in a row makes a seam. Stitches can be placed to make a pattern, like the embroidery in the picture. Sometimes when you get a bad cut, your skin will be stitched back together to help it heal.
Photo of three old switches.

Sis forSwitch

A switch is something that you use to turn things on or off.

Wis forWitch

A witch is someone, usually a woman, that practises magic. Witches are often seen as practising bad magic that can curse people or make them sick. Some witches are good. These witches are called white witches. It is generally thought that witches can use their magic with various techniques to see into the future. A male witch is sometimes called a warlock.