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Photo of a ewe

List of feminine words

Ewes, cows, sows, hens and of course girls and women.

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Ais forActress

An actress is a female actor. Actresses may be seen on stage, on television or in movies.

Ais forAunt

Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father.
Photo of a female dog

Bis forBitch

A bitch is a female dog.
Photo of a bride

Bis forBride

A bride is a woman who is about to get married. Her future husband is called the groom.
Photo of a mother and daughter on the beach

Dis forDaughter

Your daughter is your female child. A male child is called a son.
Photo of a doe

Dis forDoe

A doe is a female deer.

Eis forEwe

A ewe is a female sheep.
Photo of a mare and foal

Fis forFemale

A plant or animal is female if she can produce eggs or similar female cells that can be fertilized by sperm or other male cells. Most female animals will have live babies, while birds, most fish and most reptiles lay eggs.
Photo of a filly

Fis forFilly

A filly is a young female horse.

Gis forGirl

A girl is a young, female person.