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Photo of a tongue

Words that rhyme with -ung

List of words that end with a "ung " sound

Photo of a bung

Bis forBung

A bung is a stopper or lid for casks, barrels or flasks.

Dis forDung

Dung is animal poo. The picture is of some cow dung.
Photo of hanging washing

His forHung

Hung is the past tense of hang, for example "She hung her washing out on the line".

Lis forLung

Your lungs are inside your chest, inside your rib cage. When you breathe in, they fill up with air.
Photo of a cat on the rung of a ladder.

Ris forRung

A rung is a step of a ladder. Ladders are usually made up of many rungs. Rung is also the past tense of ring.
Photo of a young man singing

Sis forSung

Sung is the past tense of sing.

Sis forSwung

Swung is the past tense of swing, for example "the door swung shut".

Tis forTongue

Your tongue is a very strong muscle inside your mouth. It is covered in taste buds which let you taste your food. Your tongue is very important for talking with, and of course you can use it for making faces at people!
Photo of some hands wringing out a cloth

Wis forWrung

Wrung is the past tense of wring.
Photo of a young boy

Yis forYoung

Something is young if it hasn't grown up and become an adult yet. Babies and children are young. The opposite of young is old. The boy in the picture is young.