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Photo of a sold sign

Past tense

Words that are a past tense of other words.

Ais forAte

Ate is the past tense of eat.
A christmas tree in a bin

Bis forBinned

Binned is the past tense of bin, usually meaning to put something in a bin, for example "he binned all the leftover food".
Photo of a bleeding knee

Bis forBled

Bled is the past tense of bleed, for example "our dog bled on the carpet".

Bis forBlown

Blown is the past tense of blow. For example, "all the candles were blown out".

Bis forBrawled

Brawled is the past tense of brawl.

Bis forBred

Bred is the past tense of breed. It is usually used to talk about animals who have been bred to look or behave a certain way, as in "this horse was bred to run fast".
Photo of a horse bucking

Bis forBucked

Bucked is the past tense of buck. For example, "the horse bucked off it's rider".
Photo of an unfinished building

Bis forBuilt

Built is the past tense of build. For example, "I built a house".
Photo of a laden donkey

Bis forBurdened

Someone is burdened if they are carrying a heavy load or burden. A similar word to burdened is laden.
Photo of some burnt wood

Bis forBurned

Burned is the past tense of burn. See also burnt.