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Photo of a ball.

Words that rhyme with -all

List of words that end with a "all " sound

Photo of a cat's bottom

Ais forAnal

Anal is anything to do with the anus. It is often used in slang to describe anyone who is very fussy or pedantic.
Photo of a tennis ball

Bis forBall

A ball is a round object. A person might play with a ball by bouncing it, rolling it, kicking it, hitting it, or throwing it. Some kinds of sports that use balls are soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball. You might break a window if you throw a ball at it.

Bis forBaseball

Baseball is a team game, played between two teams of nine players each. The aim is to score as many runs as possible. A player first hits a ball with a baseball bat, and then starts trying to make a run. You make a run when you run the whole way around a diamond with a base on each corner.
Photo of someone playing basketball
Basketball is a sport played between two teams of five people. The object of the game is to get a ball through the hoops at the ends of the basketball court more times than the opposing team.

Bis forBrawl

A brawl is a noisy, disorganised fight, often between lots of people.

Cis forCall

You call someone when you try and get them to hear you from a long way away. You might call out by making your voice louder, or you might use a device like a phone to call them.
Photo of a baby crawling

Cis forCrawl

Crawling is moving along on your hands and knees. It is easier to keep your balance on all fours than it is to walk on two legs, so babies almost always learn to crawl before they learn to walk.
A crystal ball is thought to aid people in telling the future. Gazing in to a crystal ball is supposed to reveal images that may be used to help tell someone's fortune.
Photo of diagonal lines

Dis forDiagonal

A line is diagonal if it is not straight up and down relative to things around it, or not horizontal or vertical. Diagonal lines are at an angle.