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Photo of a playground slide.

List of toys and games

Toys, games, sports, play equipment, and anything else used to have fun.

Photo of a tennis ball

Bis forBall

A ball is a round object. A person might play with a ball by bouncing it, rolling it, kicking it, hitting it, or throwing it. Some kinds of sports that use balls are soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball. You might break a window if you throw a ball at it.

Bis forBalloon

A ballon is a small rubber bag that you can fill up with air or helium. Balloons stretch, and can get quite big when they are blown up. Balloons you fill by blowing them up are very common at parties. Helium balloons go up if you let them go, and are fun to play with. Ordinary balloons go down if you let them go, not up.
A bingo card.

Bis forBingo

Bingo is a game for many players, each with a card full of numbers on a grid. The numbers are drawn randomly and players win by matching five numbers in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Cis forCarousel

A carousel, also called a merry go round or a roundabout, is a fair ride for children. It has a lot of colored wooden horses on it - and sometimes cars or other animals too - that you can sit on, and then the horses go round and around in a circle. Sometimes the horses go up and down too.
Photo of some people playing chess outside

Cis forChess

Chess is a game for two people, using a chequered board and pieces of two different colours. There are rules for how far and which way the different chess pieces can move. The object of the game is to capture or check your opponent's king.
Photo of croquet

Cis forCroquet

Croquet is a lawn game, which involves hitting a ball through hoops stuck into the grass with a mallet. There are many different variations on the rules for croquet, with the simplest being that the person who knocks the ball through all the hoops with the fewest number of hits wins.
Photo of a crossword
A crossword is a puzzle where a player is given clues to words that must be filled out on numbered squares.
Photo of a dartboard

Dis forDarts

Darts is a game where you throw metal objects with sharp ends called darts at a target. The parts of the target are numbered, and the idea is to hit the parts of the target with the highest numbers.
Photo of red and white dice
A die, plural dice, is a small object that you roll as a way of getting a random number while playing a game. Dice usually have six sides numbered from one to six, but you can get dice with more sides too.
Photo of some old dolls

Dis forDoll

Dolls are models of people that are meant to be played with. Most dolls are of girls or babies, but there are boy dolls too. Dolls can be made of plastic or porcelain, and usually have hair you can brush and style, and clothes that you can put on them.