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Photo of child's hands and a bubble

Words that rhyme with -ubble

List of words that end with a "ubble " sound

Photo of a child blowing bubbles

Bis forBubble

Bubbles are a pocket of air surrounded by a thin coating of something else. Bubbles are usually made from blowing air into soapy water. They are round, and float through the air. There are pretty colours on the surface of the bubble.

Ris forRubble

Rubble is broken parts of a building, either leftovers from making the building or as a result of the building being knocked down. ruins are typically surrounded by rubble.
Photo of a man with stubble

Sis forStubble

Stubble is the short stalks left when a crop like wheat has been harvested. Stubble is also used to describe other things that look like grain stubble, like the short hair on a man's chin that you can see a little while after he has shaved.