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Photo of a woman with a bun in her hair

List of hairstyles

Ways you can wear your hair.

Ais forAfro

An afro is a hairstyle that you get if you have very tightly curled hair, and you let it grow out naturally.

Bis forBald

You are bald if you have little or no hair on your head. Some men go bald as they get older, but other people shave off their hair to become bald. The man in the picture is bald, but his dog certainly is not!
Photo of a man with a large beard

Bis forBeard

A beard is the hair that grows on the chin of an adult man or animal. Male goats have beards. The hair that grows on your top lip is called a moustache.

Bis forBraid

Braiding is simply a form of weaving, but is usually meant to mean weaving hair or making a rope. See also: plait.
Photo of a woman with a bun in her hair
When you have your hair drawn up into a bundle on the top, back or even sides of your head you have your hair in a bun.
Photo of a man with cornrows

Cis forCornrow

Cornrows are a type of braid where your hair is braided into thin rows close to your scalp.
Photo of a girl with dreadlocks
Dreadlocks are like ropes growing in your hair. They form when your hair matts together. Dreadlocks will form on their own if you never comb your hair, but most people encourage dreadlocks to form. Dreadlocks form more easily in people with tightly curled hair.
A moustache is the hair that grows on the top lip of an adult man or animal. The hair that grows on your chin is called a beard.
Photo of a little girl with pigtails

Pis forPigtails

Pigtails are braids or ponytails, one on each side of your head. Children are more likely to have this hairstyle than adults.
Photo of a horse with plaits

Pis forPlait

A plait is much the same as a braid. Plaits and braids are a way of weaving your hair.